All that you Need to Know About E-Cigs

Have you ever heard of the e-cigarettes? These are the electronic cigars that are the most recent in the smoking of tobacco. Being electronic, it means that the kits are powered for them to be able to function as they are expected. The cigs contain a battery that enables them to power the small but powerful coil that is contained in the cig. After the coil heats up, the liquid that is commonly known as the e-liquid is evaporated at the highest temperatures so that the vapor is produced. It is also important to note that this liquid is directly extracted from raw tobacco. After extraction, it is then treated and processed. This is how different brands are manufactured. Since the liquid is subjected to heat, it is bound to be exhausted. It is therefore recommended that you need to keep on checking the level of the liquid so as you can refill accordingly. The vapor that comes out after the heating process is then inhaled. It contains nicotine which is a chemical that is known to be extremely addictive. Once the vapor gets into your body, it is able to create some sensational feeling that pleases those who are vapors. However, you need to understand the different brands of these e-cigs that are in the market today. They include;

  • Phix Starter Kit
  • Magnum Snaps
  • Mig vapor

Phix Starter Kit

This type of cigar comes with a prefilled reservoir with the e-liquid. This means that as you get it directly from the shop, you are free to start vaping immediately. Its reservoir can accommodate up to the one point five milliliters. This can be equivalent to almost four hundred puffs of vapor. The reservoir can also be refilled the moment you learn that it is almost empty. You can therefore buy the kind of brand that you are fond of so that you can have it refilled to make sure that the vaping is not interrupted at all costs. It is also known to have the ceramic type of coil that can work for a long time without developing any type of complication in your e-cig.

Magnum Snaps

The cigar has an internal battery. The battery can be recharged for as many times as you may desire to use your cigar. It also has a cartridge with a capacity of one point five milliliters. This means that you can have so many puffs from a small amount of electronic liquid. If you refill the cartridge, you can have up to four hundred puffs before you can think of refilling the reservoir.

Mig vapor

This type is considered the best for the starters. It is best known for its amazing features which includes the two internal batteries. You will not be stressed with the many times that you will have to charge the battery. A single charging will have to go a long way. It also has the cartridges that can be replaced over time so as the vaping cannot be interrupted by the time you need to refill.…