There has been rapid evolution of cigarettes in the world. Most cigarettes were majorly used to smoke tobacco. The smokers therefore benefitted from smoking tobacco since it has some elements of nicotine. As it is popularly known, nicotine is one of the drugs that are very addictive. Once it gets into your bloodstream, you can be pretty sure that it will have an effect almost immediately. The traditional cigar is made of dry tobacco that is to be burnt directly so as it can produce the desired smoke. It is actually smoke that is supposed to be inhaled so as to achieve the desired sensational feeling. In the recent years, there has been incorporation of technology in this sector. This is the reason why e-cigs are produced. There is increased production of these cigars and therefore this has led to the massive production of these cigars. They are quite different from the traditional cigars in several ways. The cigars are also in so many types. This gives the smoker the opportunity to choose from the many brands that are in the market. This is contrary to the traditional smoking that had little options. One had to smoke the tobacco directly with limited options to choose from. The list below is about the many different types of electronic cigarettes that are in the market today;

  • Morpheus e-cigarette kit
  • The kit called blue xpress
  • Vaporfi VAIO GO

Morpheus e-cigarette kit

This kit is one out of many types of the e-cigs that you can find in the thriving market. The cig is professionally made to make the vaping possible. vaping is the process of inhaling the vapor directly from this electronic equipment. It electronically boils the electronic liquid that is in the reservoir so that it can evaporate. As it evaporates, there is rapid production of the vapor. Since this liquid is directly extracted from raw tobacco, this ensures that there is nicotine that is dissolved in the vapor. This feature makes the device stand out from the traditional cigars that you have always known. The liquid is supposed to be filled regularly so that you can be pretty sure that you will vape for a longer duration.

The kit called blue xpress

This is a complete kit that you can have and rest assured that you can get to vape any time of the day or night. The kit has got a strong battery that is able to initiate all of the processes that are used to boil the e-liquid. It is not only stylish but also convenient as far as vaping is concerned. It has a good size that is compact. This makes the kit portable and convenient to carry.

Vaporfi VAIO GO

This is another e-cig that is in the market. It has other features that make it quite different from rest of the cigars. It can be fitted with two or more mouthpieces so as to make the vaping awesome. They also exist in many brands for awesome selection.