Do you wish to learn more about the cigars? If your answer to this question is yes, then you are reading the right article. Cigars have got a long history. They were invented several decades ago. They are meant to make the consumption of tobacco easy. The main content of cigars is the tobacco. Tobacco also contains nicotine. Though nicotine is one of the drugs that are associated with addiction, smokers have embraced the drug and they therefore use various mechanisms to ensure that they are smoking. Since technology is also developing very fast in the world today, industries that are manufacturing the cigars have embraced technology in that today there is massive production of electronic cigars. These cigars are stylish and therefore they have attracted so many people into the vaping habit. Vaping is the process of consuming or inhaling tobacco in a vapor form. It is similar with smoking though the difference lies on what is being inhaled. An electronic cigar is therefore a small device that is almost similar with a normal cigar. The difference lies on the simplicity and complexity of the two. The following are some of the aspects that differentiate the normal cigars from electronic ones;

  • Burning of tobacco
  • Sensor
  • E-liquids

Burning of tobacco

Normal cigars are able to burn tobacco directly after the burning has been initiated by any source of fire. As the cigar or dry tobacco shall be burning up, you can expect a lot of smoke to come out. The smoker therefore inhales several puffs of the smoke which is eventually absorbed into the blood stream. Since the tobacco smoke contains nicotine, it eventually makes your body to develop a sensational feeling. This is probably what makes the tobacco cigar very common. Similarly, e-cigarettes are known to function quite differently. It has a battery that enables the coil to burn so as to vaporize he electronic liquid in it. As it vaporizes, a lot of vapor is produced which contains nicotine.


This is a special element in the device that is meant to make sure that it detects your vaping intention. It is strategically placed in the mouthpiece. So as you put your mouth close to the device, the sensor triggers the device so as the heating processes are initiated. The sensor also relies on the power from the battery that is meant to power the device. You therefore need to recharge the battery so as it can continue serving the device.


This is an electronic liquid that is meant to produce the vapor once it is subjected to the highest degrees of heating. The liquid is extracted from the fresh tobacco leaves. It is then processed and flavored in many ways by the professionals. This means that you can have a strawberry flavor and many other flavors as per your tastes and preferences. On the normal cigars, the dry solid tobacco is used. It is dry to make sure that it catches fire as soon as it is subjected to any source of fire.